Good news !!

"Japanese post-rock duo, 'soras - Straddling the line between experimental soundscapes and traditional song writing."    -Mike Elliott・July 10 2022

UK web magazine "IAMUR" wrote about us.  Take a good look their articles.  

It's a nice web magazine and they work very seriously.  Thanks to IAMUR!!


UKのウェブマガジン''IAMUR"が 'soras の音楽やリリースした音源について書いてくれました。

まだ知られていない興味深い音楽に出会える素敵なマガジン。彼らの記事は過大評価のない率直なレビューです。そんなふうに客観視してもらえることが嬉しい。ありがとう! IAMUR!!



Music news ;



2nd single  泡 " Awa " out now.

swim in the sky,  transparent me,  like a fish,  with the beauty of the future bubble

Grab it at these digital music stores:  iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon...etc.

泡  -Awa-  Music video

1st single  Daydream / 2021.12. 16

Grassy plain of time and the fast forward sky.
The abstracted world on the other side of the flower and the sound that was concretized.

Daydream  Music video